Founder of Inpulse, Author of ‘The Engagement Revolution’

Matt Stephens is a recognised influencer and leading authority on the topic of employee engagement and experience and has authored a book on the subject called ‘The Engagement Revolution’. Matt regularly speaks on the topic of emotional analytics and the impact this is having on leadership practices.  

He founded Quest – a Leadership, Culture and Engagement Consultancy in 2012 to help develop leaders and improve corporate cultures. Since 2015 he founded and launched Inpulse, a new platform to measure and drive employee engagement with a unique focus on emotions. Inpulse is a ‘boot-strapped’ British company working with clients including ASOS, Balfour Beatty, Kongsberg, Nuffield Health and Zurich, to help companies improve their employee engagement and leadership approach. Matt is becoming a regular keynote speaker at industry events and client leadership events, particularly sharing how leaders can bring their best selves to work more often and the positive impact that has on employee engagement.


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